Tales From Ara 4

Tales From Ara 4 by Gleem


★ Tales from Ara features two young women from Earth transported to Ara, a world with elves—dark and light—giants, talking chickens, and a mysterious ongoing battle between the Dark Queen and the rest of the world. Partly fun and light (Harlette’s view) and partly struggling and dark (Yuka’s view) the series shows that “good” and “bad” aren’t always what they seem. ★

Tales From Ara: The Drug Den

A not-very-successful witch from Earth, Yuka has been hiding out from her family by joining a dark elf mercenary company and becoming a soldier. It isn’t a pretty sight—in any way. And now the elven commander has banned the use of drugs, no soldier wants to stay either! It’s going to take Yuka a lot of hard work, quick thinking, and unusual luck to survive both a trip to a drug den and the violence in the troop. Will she run away once again, or will she stay and finally achieve something in her life?

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