Succ: A Noir Standalone Urban Fantasy Romance
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Human or not, every fantasy comes true at Succ. But what happens when the price for fun is death?


To the outside eye, Succ is Paris’s hottest nightclub. At its heart, it’s an intersection of two worlds—one reveling in lust, the other feeding on it.

Being a succubus, I’m drawn to nurturing people’s deepest desires. So when a handsome man walks into my establishment, his energy screaming to be unleashed into the boundless realms of passion, I can’t bring myself to stay away.

I want to see him thrive.

Burn to introduce him to my own blend of pleasure.

Except that he’s human.

And humans don’t belong in our domain.


The string of murders I’m investigating coughed up nothing but dead ends—except for a single link.


All victims had a membership to the high-end nightclub. That place has got to be the key. And now that I’m in, I’m determined to go all the way to get my answers.

The single thing I didn’t count on was Perine.

As much as I want to, I can’t get the mysterious, magnetic owner out of my damn mind.

When she extends an invitation to join her in the private area of the club…

I have to do it for the case.

One problem, though.

Even I don’t believe that bullshit.

Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and Richelle Mead are certain to love Gaja J. Kos’s standalone urban fantasy romance featuring an open relationship, murder mystery, and a sizzling noir Parisian atmosphere you won’t want to leave!

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