String of Hearts
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String of Hearts by Roxie Clarke


When widower Ryan Tupper walks into the Pinwheel Plant Shop, owner Avery Wheeler is surprised to see her brother’s best friend from high school and confused by her attraction to him.

It’s only been six months since Avery’s husband died in a car accident and she’s had zero desire to date again, but Ryan knows what it’s like to be the spouse left behind.

While he’s been adjusting to his new life as a single dad, Avery’s been trying to get up to speed on the business side of the plant shop—something her late husband always took care of—but she’s in serious debt and could lose the store.

In what should be a win-win opportunity, Ryan asks Avery to co-host a call-in radio show with him all about houseplants. He’s a popular morning show host who knows nothing about plants, and she’s a plant whisperer in need of extra funds. See? Win-win.

That is until people ask if they’re together together, instead of how much and how often they should water their begonias.

Caught between missing her husband and missing out on a budding relationship with Ryan, Avery must mourn or move on and both choices terrify her.

String of Hearts is the first book in the Pinwheel Plant Shop thread of the Old Town Braverton Sweet Romance Series. To learn more about the series and Roxie Clarke, visit

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