Storm File
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Storm File by CB Samet

She's a professional bodyguard who leaves nothing to chance. He’s a rockstar who stands to lose everything. Billy Jean Parrish is a Marine turned professional bodyguard. She thrives on discipline and order, and she’s never lost a client. But when she takes an investigative role in the attempted assassination of devilishly handsome rockstar, Ethan Storm, she’s out of her depth—in more ways than one. Can she keep Ethan safe and identify the perpetrator while keeping her emotions out of the equation? Ethan Storm turned his life around after a wild youth. Now, he needs to finish his last music tour before a quieter life awaits. But an attempt on his life has him reeling. When he hires the Rider team to boost his security and investigate the threat, he meets the inscrutable Billy Jean. He keeps his attraction for her in check, but when Billy Jean becomes the target, neither he nor his emotions will remain backstage. Sparks and bullets fly in this romantic suspense adventure. "I loved this book…. The romance was gradual and felt genuine. Definitely worth the read if you like your romance with some action, suspense, ... and danger." --Goodreads Reviewer *** If you like action, adventure, and strong female leads, this is the series for you. The romance is medium with heat with some explicit language. Each novel shares characters, but they are also their own stand-alone happily-ever-after.
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