Stolen Hearts
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Stolen Hearts by Barbi Cox

Get Ready For This Steamy Second Chance Forbidden Bratva Dark Mafia Romance! He obliterated my heart. Now he's back for a second chance to reclaim me as his own. He was my dream date who crushed my hopes, taking my affection only to vanish from my life. A decade passed before fate thrust him back into my world. Now he vows to never let me go. His sensual caress melts my defenses. His kiss feels like salvation. Passion ignites between us once more, but how can I forget the pain he inflicted? Dangerous secrets threaten to destroy our second chance at happiness. He swears I'm his to protect and possess, promising he's changed. Part of me yearns to believe him. But what if he shatters me again? With his hard body pressed against mine and seductive words in my ear, I feel myself giving in. Still, doubt gnaws at me - can I trust this devil with my fragile heart? Stolen Hearts is book one in a series of four books. This is the story of Lev (V) and Sienna these books should be read in order for the most enjoyment. Each steamy book ends in a happy-for-now, series ends in a happy ever after. There is no cheating.
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