STEELE (Daring the Kane Brothers)
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She dared me to take her on.
That’s what I plan to do.

I'm no stranger to daring things.
But every experienced stuntman will come across that one stunt they’re reluctant to do.
Mine is Jaylyn Rigsby.
Still, when the raven-haired beauty the insurance company sent to supervise my stunts dares me to oppose her, the daredevil in me refuses to back down.
Challenge accepted.

My next assignment has a reputation for cutting through the red tape to get what he wants.
But I'm good at my job.
And no matter how charming or determined, not to mention insanely sexy, Steele Kane might be, he can’t have whatever he wants.
Especially if what he wants is me.
Case closed.

Will Jaylyn be the first to tame the untamable stuntman?
Or will Steele risk everything to conquer the breathtaking beauty?

USA TODAY Bestselling Author of Breaking the Declan Brothers Series now brings you Daring the Kane Brothers- five shameless, sexy, and daring brothers who will make you blush all over!
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