State of Grace: A Moonflower Cove Romance
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Blake Calloway has spent decades thinking her mother didn’t want her, but letters found in a chest tell a very different story. Determined to find the truth, Blake hops on a plane and heads for Moonflower Cove, Maine, searching for answers. The last thing she expects to find is Alexis.

Alexis Holland has watched Blake’s hit sci-fi TV show for years and is surprised when the actress shows up at the bar where she works. Despite the chemistry between them, she’s convinced it’s all in her head. After all, she’s a single mom with more baggage than a booked airplane. What could Blake possibly see in her?

Will they be able to overcome their past mistakes and traumas to embrace the new love before them? Or will Alexis push Blake away and retreat back to her safe world?

Content Warning: This novel references a rape that occurred off-page and is mentioned as backstory with no graphic detail.
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Gay pulp fiction or homosexual pulps refers to published works, chiefly fiction, that comprise references to male homosexuality, especially male homosexual sex, and finely produced, commonly in paperback publications made from wood pulp paper; lesbian pulp fiction is comparable work about girls. LGBT topics in Hindu Epics involve Hindu divinities or characters whose characteristics or behavior can be translated as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or gender change and non-heterosexual sexuality. We all deserve to see that our lived experiences are reflected from the pages of a great publication. And like the rest of the literary canon, LGBTQ novels arrive in all genres.

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