Start Your Exercise Routine and Keep the Motivation Forever: A Simple Guide for Your Life Fitness (Life Skills Essential Guides Book 3)
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Did you know?60% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned two weeks into the new year50% of these resolutions revolve around weight, exercise, and dietingBy the first day of February, 80% of them are brokenYou may relate to these stats. And that is why you are reading this now!Why do you find it hard to sustain your exercise regime? What is the main reason why you continue to exercise without results? How can you integrate your exercise regimen with your busy daily routine? Every day, millions of Google searches around these questions are thrown up and 10 times as many answers are provided. Yet, the secrets of building an effective exercise routine remain elusive to you. Turning your good intentions into action and a routine has proven to be a tough nut for you to crack. Things are not helped by the fact that there is so much noise and misinformation about exercise out there. Without the right knowledge, exercise can quickly begin to look like a boring chore that your brain hates.But worry no more! You have this simple guide available at your fingertips! This guide is a product of my personal experience and detailed research into fitness and self-development. The ideas and techniques I share in the book catapulted me from “chubby teenager” to “superfit man.” The ideas in the book helped me start a running routine that I have not missed in two decades. I know these ideas work because they have worked for at least a dozen people apart from me.But this book goes beyond just helping you build an exercise habit. It also teaches you how to know the right kind of exercise for your needs. It provides answers to the knottiest question you might have. It will arm you with the resources and knowledge to finally turn exercise into a regular staple. With this book, you will be able to:Discover the 9 health benefits of regular exercise that you may not knowIdentify the right category of exercise for youKnow the effect of gender and age on the right kind of exerciseAnswer the 8 common questions about exercisingLearn the best exercise for different parts of the bodyBuild 10 habits guaranteed to make exercise a regular part of your lifeUse 10 tools that can change your routine foreverProfile the best way to exercise with dumbbells, resistance bands, and weightsFind out sure-fire ways to exercise without toolsRecognize the most common pitfalls with regular exercise and how to avoid themYou will also discover:What exercise burns the most calories?What exercise burns the most belly fat?What exercise is good for abs?How long until exercise becomes a habit?Why do you struggle to main your habit and how to avoid them.And more.Are you ready to build a foolproof exercise routine that will last for the rest of your life? “BUY NOW” to make it happen TODAY!
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