Star-Crossed Holiday
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Star-Crossed Holiday by Sarah Deeham

One grumpy movie-star dad + one nanny = holiday Christmas magic in a small town. The small-town teacher I never imagined I'd get stuck in an elevator with Ronan Masters, a grumpy, gorgeous action star, and his adorable daughter. But then again, nothing has gone as expected over the last few months. Not losing my beloved job as an art teacher or my fiancé dumping me. The giant of a man may not smile much, but at least his little girl likes me. I try to keep the crush I'm feeling on Hollywood’s hottest dad under control. But all bets are off when he asks me to be his temporary nanny over the holiday season. And the action star I'm in Snowflake Harbor to film a movie while adjusting to being a parent to a daughter I only recently met. When I get stuck in an elevator with Poppy O'Brien, I'm not sure what to think of her. She smiles too much and has a Mary Poppins purse full of glitter glue, goody bags, and snacks. And she makes my solemn child smile like no one else. Soon, we’re both under her spell. Becoming the new nanny, though, makes her strictly off limits. I can’t afford distractions and I don’t do commitment. I also don't do holidays. But as the countdown to Christmas continues and the date we have to leave comes closer, Poppy has me rethinking everything. Star-Crossed Christmas is a steamy, slow-burn holiday romance and Book 2 in the Falling for Famous celebrity romance series. It features: grumpy-sunshine main characters Christmas vibes small town romantic comedy nanny and single-dad romance A Hollywood action hero

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