Spark of Obsession
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Spark of Obsession by Victoria Dawson

Some people come into your life and enhance it. And some people come into your life and destroy it. Graham Hoffman did both. When my best friend persuades me to accompany her to a work event, I never expect to encounter a mysterious man who both intrigues and confounds me. I know it the moment our eyes connect. I can feel the attraction deep in my bones. Graham thrives on control, and I’m fueled by free will. It took me four years to rebuild my life after surviving a car accident. The last thing I need is for some man to dictate how I choose to live it. When tragedy strikes my university, a spark of obsession ignites between us, causing our differences to magnify and clash. Second chances are rare, and mine is dependent on following my dream of becoming an investigative journalist. I’m so close to achieving my goals. I can’t back down now. Can the foundation of a relationship built on lies survive, or am I destined to get buried as it starts to crumble? Follow Angie and Graham on their epic journey to finding love, redemption, and forgiveness in the three-part Entice Series that will hold your heart hostage until the very end. This book is intended for mature audiences.
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