Sophie’s Dilemma
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Sophie’s Dilemma by Penelope Quinn

Will she ever trust again? When Sophie’s ex-boyfriend dies under suspicious circumstances, Sophie’s thrust back into her previous life, but now as the owner of BDSM clubs. Lucas and Grey, two new Doms, give her the emotional support and discipline to prove she’s more than capable of standing up for herself, until Sophie learns that girls in the club have gone missing. Lucas has some history with Sophie, he hid his feelings for her in the past, but now he doesn’t have to hold back. Lucas wants to provide for Sophie, be her Dom, her lover, and her friend. How can he manage this considering what happened last time they met. And just when he thought he had his chance, Sophie catches the attention of another Dom. Grey is a Dom who has an obsession with control. Grey’s past, stops him from pursuing any relationships. However, when Grey meets Sophie, she unnerves something in him and all he can think about, is making her submit to him. Will Sophie reach parts of Grey that he has kept closed off. When more girls go missing from the club, can the three of them work together to discover who is working against them. How can Sophie save her clubs, reconcile her feelings for both men, and handle the additional surprises that keep testing her reserve. Trigger Warnings - Miscarriage, Kidnapping, Assault, Dubious Consent.

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