Something Good
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Something Good by Layla Reed

Teetering on the precipice of losing a lucrative career built over two decades, Olivia Banks returns to her hometown for her younger sister’s wedding under the microscope of a camera crew–the condition to her last shot at saving her job. If she’s lucky, the camera will ensure her estranged older sister is on her best behavior. If her luck is anything like it has been, the tattered remains of their tumultuous relationship will crumble to dust. Face to face with her resentful older sister, now unwillingly thrust under the same microscope, plunges them all into their intertwined unresolved past. A past leading them in the direction of the man who’d come between them–the man still between them, Dr. Ben Crawley. Old jealousies, and new, take hold leaving their sister’s wedding, and their family unit as they know it, hanging in the balance. Homecoming plummets them all into an unresolved past crowded with the same players, old ghosts, and resurrects the pain of their long-ago love triangle… and the one burning question left unanswered all these years. The one that lies with the man between them. But secrets are fickle. The pursuit of answers to one can unwittingly uncover a mountain more. Intertwined between past and present, the secrets revealed will test the most sacred of bonds where no one will escape untouched.
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