Sleighing Love
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Sleighing Love by Tara L Newby

Love is a risk I can’t afford. It’s Christmas in Nant Falls and spending time with my friends, decorating the window of my spicy book shop seemed like a good idea. The liquor-laced hot chocolate, less so. Because when I take a tumble, local mountain rescue volunteer, Thunder Edwards, walks into my shop, and my friends promptly leave. Sparks fly in ways I never anticipated. And before I know it, I’ve bought tickets for his charity strip show at the local community hall. I set myself one rule. Look but don’t touch. But when an evening at a strip show, turns into a moment caught on camera, sat in a sleigh with snow falling around us, the rule becomes impossible to keep. But it can only be one night. Any more would be dangerous. Will a night of unforgettable passion be enough to douse the flames, or will it ignite a love too powerful to control? Sleighing Love is a spicy small town romance and the heart-warming prequel to Surrendering Love that promises to captivate, tantalise, and leave you yearning for more.
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