Single Malt
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Single Malt by Layla Reyne

Jump into Layla Reyne’s fan-favorite Whiskey Verse saga with Single Malt, the first book in Aidan and Jamie’s swoony M/M romantic suspense trilogy. FBI agent Aidan “Irish” Talley had it all until a harrowing car crash left him with a heap of survivor’s guilt and a hole in his heart where his happily ever after used to be. Aiming to fill the void, he returns to work—and to a new partner. Charming, smart, and athletic, Jamie is the last thing Aidan’s bruised heart needs. Cyber agent Jameson “Whiskey” Walker joined the Bureau three years ago and has pined for Aidan ever since. Working with the Irish expat is a fantasy and a challenge, one Jamie intends to win by earning the surly older agent’s trust and respect. Except there’s no time for team building when a hack on a high-security biocontainment facility spirals into a larger terrorist threat. With targets on their backs, Aidan and Jamie are forced to trust each other as they’re pushed to the explosive edge. Even then, it may not be enough to save the thousands of lives at stake, including their own. Competent heroes, action-packed thrills, and high-stakes romance blend together in this adrenaline-fueled first book of three, now in its second edition with a new cover and formatting and extended content.
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