Sinders and Ash: A MM Rich Boy/Poor Boy, Fairy Tale Retelling Romance (The Pennymaker Tales Book 1)
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What if the glass slipper was size 12?

Housekeeper Mark Sintorella (Sinders) works diligently at a resort hotel while designing clothes anonymously, hoping to get into fashion school. Then his carefully planned life is upended with the arrival of Ashton Armitage, son of the fifth richest man in America—and the most beautiful guy Mark has ever seen.

Ash must find a wife or he’ll lose his grandfather’s inheritance, and he settles on Bitsy Fanderel. But secretly Ash is gay, and the guy who cleans the fireplaces sets his heart ablaze.

Further stirring the pot is the little elf of a man, Carstairs Pennymaker, who has Mark wearing his own designs and masquerading as a girl to impress the fashion investors in the hotel.

When the clock strikes twelve, two beautiful princesses line up for the wedding—but one isn’t a woman. Will the slipper fit? Only Mr. Pennymaker knows for sure.

SINDERS AND ASH is a MM, rich boy/poor boy, get-married-or-lose-the-inheritance, in-the-closet, boy-passing-as-a-girl, fairy godmother, Cinderella homage romance with a lot of great fashion tips.
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