Since the Day We Danced
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Since the Day We Danced by Kerk Murray

From the bestselling author of Pawprints On Our Hearts comes a captivating story of love and redemption that will leave you cheering for second chances and stay with you long after the final page. Emma Wright’s world came crashing down when her husband served her with divorce papers on their anniversary and left her for a younger woman. Starting over at forty, she moves into a quaint beachfront cottage on the other side of Hadley Cove with her beloved rescue dog, Riley. But just as she’s picking up the shattered pieces to her life, Riley goes missing. Meanwhile, in Chicago, widowed father Luke Grayson vows to repair the strained relationship with his teenage son, Jeremiah. In search of new beginnings, he moves them to the picturesque small coastal town of Hadley Cove, Georgia. While they're getting settled, an unexpected visitor arrives at their doorstops, and seems to believe this is his home. As destiny weaves Emma and Luke’s paths together in unforeseen ways, their lives will change forever. Will they find the courage to open their fragile hearts to a second chance at love? Or will the scars of the past keep them from their happily ever after?
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