Silver Fox’s Surprise Baby: An Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers Romance (Billionaire Baby Daddies)
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I knocked up my best friend’s daughter, The one I promised to protect… It’s been over a decade since I’ve last seen Kendall, And the last place I expected her to turn up was the club. She deserves better, so I offer her a job at my lake property. While she keeps it clean and organizes my office, I try to keep it professional and in my pants. She’s grown up into a fiery vixen, all bold curves and legs for days. And it makes things very… hard. The passion swirling in her eyes tells me the feeling is mutual. But she’s my best friend’s daughter I vowed to look after, Not submit to my carnal desires. A firecracker with an independent streak, hell bent on pushing me away. Oh honey, I’m not going anywhere, Especially now that you’re having MY baby.
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