Shifter Island: Menage Protector Romance
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Rejected by my mate, I find love again with two bear shifters on a tropical prison island. My fated mate rejects me because of the nasty scar I got on my face while protecting my clan. Exiled by my family, I make my way to Isla Paraiso, an island that used to be a prison for the most dangerous bear shifters of Venezuela. As soon as I take my first steps onto the island, Victor and his people attack me. Two hot bad boys – Gabriel and Esteban – fight to save me, but they lose. Victor kidnaps me and takes me to Fort Torres, the seat of his power. I have little hope that I will be rescued; after all, I’m not someone who deserves the kindness of others. Why, though, do Gabriel and Esteban come for me anyway and say they want to mate with me?
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