Secret Triplets for Christmas: An Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother, Holiday Romance
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THEN Oliver She was meant to be mine all along. When I let my foster brother have the girl of my dreams, I never expected to find him in a pool of his own blood... in his now ex-girlfriend’s house. In a night of weakness, I soothed his ex, Lindsay McKinnon, fighting my own feelings that have been brewing like a winter storm. But when I realize what I’ve done to my brother, I know I have to leave that world behind… along with innocent, beautiful, sassy Lindsay. It’s what’s best for her. NOW Lindsay He’s the one that got away. Five years after he left me with my heart broken, Oliver Quinlan is back, and as annoyingly handsome as ever. And he’s here to protect me… There’s no denying that I’m in danger, and that Oliver is eager to help. But I’m a single mom of adorable triplet girls now. One of them is named after her daddy… Olivia.
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