Second Chance with Brother’s Best Friend: A Single Mom Secret Baby Romance
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It’s been six years since I left the love of my life for my love for the country.

 Six years have passed since that secret was kept from me. 


After all this time, Leigh is still as forbidden as she used to be.

My best friend’s tempting little sister.

A pretty girl with trouble written all over her.

I remember the day I lost control over myself.

The day I marked her as mine.

Just thinking about the fact that she’s moved on makes my blood boil.

I’m being told that she has a kid, that her man abandoned her.

But no one knows what the truth really is.

No one knows who that man was.

They say secrets have a way of coming out.

And the consequences of this one might be too much for us to handle.


Could a second chance even be on the cards for us if her kid is, in fact, mine?

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