Scorned & Craved
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Scorned & Craved by Bree Wolf


In this Regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author Bree Wolf, a delicate English lady risks it all in order to capture the heart of a French privateer.

Years ago, a coincidence brought them together.
Now, Fate will reunite them upon the high seas.
Can there be a happily-ever-after for an English lady and a French privateer?

England 1812: Years ago, LADY JULIET EDWARDS shared a stolen kiss with a French privateer. A kiss that made her realize that there ought to be more to life than duty and sacrifice. Emboldened by the memory of Henri Duret’s roguish smile and alluring green eyes, she dares to cry off, ending her arranged engagement to her stepfather’s oldest friend.

Unfortunately, society does not forgive those who refuse to play by its rules.

Years pass, and Juliet finds herself banished to live on the cusp of other people’s lives, her own standing still. Completely still. Desperate for something - anything - to break the monotony of her existence, she risks it all and leaves England, hoping for a fresh start elsewhere. Still, Juliet never forgot the one man who made her heart beat faster and her breath catch in her throat. If only he were an English gentleman instead of a French privateer! If only he were…attainable!

HENRI DURET, privateer by trade, thought he left England behind years ago. Yet, the memory of a delicate English lady continues to linger no matter how hard he tries to banish her from his thoughts. He still finds his mind drifting back to that one moment four years ago when he stole a kiss that ought never have happened. Still, there had been something in those shy, wide eyes of hers he had been unable to resist.

It pulses in his veins even today.

Nevertheless, Henri is determined to ignore that pulsing call that urges him to seek her out, knowing that he is not what English ladies dream of at night. Yet, all reasons to stay away dissolve into thin air when Lady Juliet is taken captive on the high seas. Knowing her to be in the hands of a ruthless man, Henri will move heaven and hell to save her…
…to get her back.
…to claim her as his.

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