Savage Devil: A High School Bully Romance (Green Hills Academy Trilogy Book 1)
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My mother died the night the devil strolled into my life. He found me. Saved me from her fate. He wrote me a little note explaining what he planned for me. Roses are dead. Violets are black and blue. Watch out, little girl. I’m going to destroy you. As the new girl from the south side of town going to a prestigious academy for my senior year, I never expected welcoming open arms. But the bloody nose on my first day was a surprise. And the threat. And the… well, let me just say behind the Botoxed smiles and shiny sports cars were the worst sort of people. And there was one that brought them to their knees. One who ruled Green Hills Academy like the monarchs he descended from. Knight King hated me. Hated what I represented. Hated that I wasn’t wealthy and that I dared to enter his world. He was used to getting his way. Everyone did what he told them. He tried to rule me, but I was a fighter. My name’s Violet and I was anything but a shrinking flower. Savage Devil is book 1 in a 3 book trilogy and may contain some triggers for some readers. It is not a standalone and ends in a cliffhanger.

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