Royal Rebel
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Royal Rebel by JJ Knight


It’s not often I do something that could get my junk in a jam.
But I’m doing it now.

For the last few months, I've trained to become a royal guard for the Avalonian Palace Regiment. We protect the King, the Queen, and the two Princesses.

One of them, Octavia, was my best friend when I was six, back when kids of the staff were allowed to be around the two girls of the royal family.

I’ve missed her for the last seventeen years. But yesterday, I saw her in the palace rose garden.

Things might have gotten a little 

And now I’m sneaking her out of the palace. Taking her dirty dancing.

But there is one thing a royal guard should always do.
Protect the royal family.

And I don't think what we’re about to do next is going to count.

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