Roxy’s Song: Love in Little River Book One

Her ex wants her back, but he’s a country rock star now. Can Roxy trust that his feelings are real and not just lyrics in a song?

The night Tag confessed his love for Roxy and begged her to come with him to Nashville, she sent him packing. She wanted him to fulfill his dream, but the romantic songs and declarations of undying love? It couldn’t possibly be real.

Eight years later, the quaint town of Little River is abuzz. Famous country rock star Tag Turner is back. They don’t know he’s determined to win over his high school crush and bring her back with him once and for all. But Roxy loves her quiet, country life on her family’s ranch—a life that doesn’t have room for someone who can’t buy coffee without national media attention.

Not ready to give up, Tag stays in Little River to work on his next album and convince the woman he loves to give him a chance. Can Roxy ever trust that his feelings are real . . . and not just lyrics in a song?

A second chance sweet romance set in the small town of Little River! For fans of clean romance and romantic comedy.

Enjoy the entire Love in Little River Series:

• Roxy’s Song

• Dating Dru

• Catching Coy

• Hallie’s Hero

• June’s Forever

•Addy’s Prince Charming

“If you love sweet romance this is for you!” ~Reviewer

“Super cute story of forgiveness and love.” ~Reviewer

“I could NOT stop thinking about it! It was so captivating and I was anxious to see how it would all work out.” ~Reviewer

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