Rock Me Longer
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Rock Me Longer by Jenna Jacob

I have everything I want—except her. I’m Burk Jennings. After more than a dozen years as lead singer of the iconic rock band Licks of Leather, I have houses, women, and money to burn. But fame and fortune can’t buy peace, so after this tour, I’m hanging up my microphone. Then she steps onto the tour bus, and instantly I know she’s what I’ve been missing. There’s just one problem. She’s engaged. I’m Sophia Jackson. My personal life has crumbled and my dream job is a nightmare. Now I have the impossible task of keeping the bad boys of rock in line. Worse, I have to resist the sexy, velvet-voiced lead singer who ignites all my fantasies—or I’ll find myself unemployed. But passion can only be pent up for so long, and when desire bursts and my secrets are spilled, I risk losing it all. **There is no cheating in this HEA**
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