Road Trip with the Billionaire
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Road Trip with the Billionaire by Harmony Knight

A billionaire in disguise, a writer down on her luck, and a road trip to force them together… As a true crime fangirl and wannabe crime fiction author, I know better than to accept a ride from a stranger. Especially a handsome, confident stranger with a charming smile. That’s the stuff sociopaths are made of. But I have no choice. Stranded at a bus station coffee shop after leaving my cheating ex, I’m cold, tired, and weighed down by everything I own stuffed into one huge bag. So I jump at Mark Sullivan’s offer to give me a ride to Upstate NY. If you’re thinking this is the part where I fall for the guy, write a bestseller, and turn it all around? You couldn’t be more wrong. Things that go awry on my road trip: ✓ I spill coffee all over Mark Sullivan. ✓ I pee in front of Mark Sullivan. (It was an accident!) ✓ A snowstorm forces me to share a motel room with Mark Sullivan. And as if all that’s not enough? When I get back to my small hometown with my tail between my legs and show up for my first shift in the diner, I find out that Mark Sullivan is actually Matthew Sullivan. Renowned billionaire bachelor. Capitalist vulture. Liar. And my temporary boss. Maybe I should have just waited for that bus after all. ★Road Trip with the Billionaire is a laugh-out-loud, emotionally sweet, occasionally steamy romantic comedy sure to leave you chuckling long after the last page. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!★
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