Reverse-Harem Romance Box Set
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Reverse-Harem Romance Box Set by Natalie Brolack

MORE THAN ONE PLEASE! WHY CHOOSE? Get ready to devour these three yummy full-length novels about triple alphas sharing, all in one scorching collection! ❤ These alpha men are dominant and outnumber their women always. And each innocent woman melts into a dripping puddle by a harem of sexy alpha men. The novels inside are: BOOK 1: 3 Sexy Bosses and Cupcakes by Kathilee Riley BOOK 2: Booktok Virgin - by Kathilee Riley BOOK 3: Daddy Hot Friends - by Izzie Vee Other themes in this collection are Age-Gap, Forbidden Romances, Enemies to Lovers, Fake Dating & more … All stories are standalone reverse harem romances and contain a HEA.
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