REMEMBER ME: Remembering the Magic of Love
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It was their passion… that’s all people talked about. True love… it’s complicated. Madeline and Elliot's partnership was the envy of the dance floor. Their story, an unspoken truth. Star crossed lovers focusing all their emotions into their craft... like I said it was complicated. Until the day, everything was taken away. Until they fell harder than ever before. It was always Elliot and Madeline, but now… What would you do? Would you fight for true love? If you're a fan of Helen Hardt or Sienna Parks you'll love this inspirational romance! Remember Me gives rare insight into the length people will go for true love. Go up and click Read Now or Buy Now to find out how Elliot fights for love, even at the risk of a broken heart.
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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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