Red Night
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Red Night by Kitty King

SHE THOUGHT IT WAS JUST ONE NIGHT... HE KNEW HE WAS NEVER LETTING HER GO. If you enjoyed Rina Kent's Royal Elite series, you will love Red Night: Xavier's Delight. Marissa Matlock and her boyfriend are handed a bright red envelope from the mysterious president of Theta Rho Zeta inviting them to the fraternity’s scandalous Red Night event, one they know is filled with debauchery. Attending in hopes of discovering her secret desires, Marissa unwittingly draws the obsession of a dark predator. Now, she is unable to escape Xavier’s thrall. As her attempts to avoid him fail, Xavier’s twisted plans only ensnare her tighter into his trap. Once she finds out the true reason behind his games, things take a dangerous turn. Will Marissa be able to subvert Xavier’s control? Does she even want to? “I need you to understand something, Marissa. You’re mine now.” * A dark stalker romance with multiple twists. * An anti-hero main male character... only you can decide if he is redeemable.
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