Reclaimed Love
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Reclaimed Love by Alina Lane

Dear Arik,

With a pen pal like you, who needs enemies? It’s bad enough that you broke my heart twelve years ago, but you’re the one who won’t let it go.

I returned every letter, declined every call, deleted every email.

What I didn’t tell you was that I wanted to read every letter, almost answered every call, and have craved you ever since I left.

And now that I’m back, you’re hotter than ever and impossible to ignore because you’re literally helping me save Grams’ bookstore. I can’t help but ask myself…

Are you going to break my heart again?

Or the even bigger question...

Am I going to let you?


Reclaimed Love is the first book in Alina Lane's debut contemporary romance series. If you like hunky hero's headstrong heroines and happily every after's then you'll love the first installment in the Heartfelt Series.

Grab Reclaimed Love and fall head over heels for Kate, Arik and Felt Idaho.
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