Rebellious and Reckless
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Rebellious and Reckless by Michelle A. Valentine

He’s Rebellious in the ring and Reckless in Love. Sky Cold knows exactly what she wants, and it's Luke Finnegan, the college campus star quarterback. The only problem is she's not even a blip on his radar. In order to get noticed by her crush, she's willing to exchange the extra bedroom in her apartment to Luke's tattooed, older brother to find a way into his social circle. Baker Finnegan is determined to get out of his father's shadow and do things his way. When he falls on hard times, and the sexy, slightly nerdy co-ed Sky offers him a place to live in exchange for a fake friendship, he can't pass up the opportunity. But when Baker quickly realizes the only match he wants to make for Sky is one with himself, he has to convince her to look past his reckless ways. **Rebellious and Reckless is an interconnected stand-alone full-length novel in the Campus Hotshots Series** Rebellious and Reckless - The story of a young woman torn between two hunky brothers, but only one will win her heart. Chaos and Love - Two people who have sworn off love, only to have their vows tested and find out sometimes love is worth the chaos. Dangerous and Disastrous - An enemies to lovers tale about two people who couldn’t be more different, and yet more alike than they ever knew.
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