Rebel Heir 1: An Enemies-to-Lovers Forbidden Mafia Suspense Romance (The Ivankov Mafia Bratva, Series #3)
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He’s the privileged, wealthy, and devilishly handsome heir to the Ivankov mafia empire.

He’s charming, smooth, and as dangerously enticing as they come.

But I’m trying to track down my father’s killer.

And this elite mafia heir is how I’m going to do it.

I'll seduce, capture and coerce him into giving me the information I want.

And I’m going to enjoy every hot moment of getting close to him.

What I didn’t expect was his plan to seduce and blackmail me in return.

Of course he’s clever and conniving, he’s the son of the mafia don.

I would be foolish to believe anything he says.

But is the chemistry between us real or is it just a ruse this powerful man is using to maintain the upper hand?

If I want to find out who murdered my father I don’t have a choice.

Whether I like it or not, he’s the key to getting everything I want.

As it turns out, in more ways than one.

Rebel Heir is a tense and magnetic start to this enemies-to-lovers mafia suspense romance. Fall in love with this unstoppable duo as their mutual desire for power over the other turns to red hot irresistible passion. If you like illicit corruption, strong-willed characters, secrets, and betrayals avenged you’ll be left panting for more by Amber Adams’ rebellious romance.

Rebel Heir is the third story of the Ivankov empire. Rebel Heir includes supporting characters that are featured in other Ivankov Bratva stories but each story within the Ivankov empire can be read as a standalone.

Mild language, Mild violence, hot steamy scenes, zero non-consensual intimacy, no cheating, guaranteed HEA!

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