Rancher in Training (Part-time Cowboys Book 1)
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She arrests bad boys, she doesn’t date them.

Farah loves her job as a deputy, but her income also supports her family’s ranch. Her mom’s recovering from a stroke and her dad’s struggling to accomplish everything the ranch requires. It’s a rat race that she’s losing, but her job is keeping them afloat.

Jesse planned to visit his sister and sneak out of town before anyone knew he was there. But on his way out of city limits, he stops to help a stranded motorist and has a run-in with a cute deputy. The only problem is, he knows Farah from his time in jail, when he was on the wrong side of the cell door.

When an accident strands Jesse at the ranch next door to Farah, he does everything he can to prove that he’s a changed man. But Farah can’t risk her career falling for a felon, and when something happens to cast suspicion on Jesse, she has to put her attraction aside and do her job. Even if it costs her a future with the reformed bad boy.
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