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Quiet by Clarissa Bright

I'm ruthless. My hands are stained with blood. And I'll cut my way through anyone threatening her to keep her safe...and to make her ours. I’m the leader of the most dangerous gang in Orlando. I’ve learned to be vicious and violent to survive. Now someone is trying to frame the Mercy Drive Blades for senseless murders we’re not responsible for and she's become our only hope. Sofia. The insatiable journalist investigating the most dangerous serial killer in the state. When she’s left in the storage room in our club, bruised and beaten, I know I can’t let her leave. Even if she wants to. Whether she likes it or not, she needs our protection. But she’s supposed to just be a means to an end, a tool to ensure that my men and I are protected--to exonerate us, no matter how guilty we are. I have no right to want her, not after everything I’ve done to her. By trying to keep her alive, I might be snuffing out that very thing she most desires; her freedom. I don’t just need to protect her. I need to make her mine. For good. If you love dark, twisty, suspense romances from Ana Huang, Lauren Asher, Elle Kennedy, and Lilith Vincent, you're going to love this series. One click this steamy enemies-to-lovers romance today!
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