Queen of Nothing
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Queen of Nothing by Santana Knox

You pay the price in blood. Everyone knows the only way out of the Flores Cártel is death, but what happens when the destiny that was branded into your soul, is stolen right from your hands? My name is Cecilia Flores, my entire life so far has been dictated by small men and their greedy ambitions. I’m on the run from my past and my only hope to stay alive are the very men who might just want me dead the most. Ronan Zerkos, Santos Álvarez and Mateo Kane. They’re the leaders of the Black Crow Brotherhood, the most violent crime organization in Cove City. They’re ruthless, cruel men and though the strings of our past still bind us together, the scars of my betrayal may be too deep to look past. They’ve sworn to put me through hell to exact their revenge and I’ll do whatever it takes to guarantee my protection from the real threat. Even if it means swallowing my pride and letting them think they can break me. Queen of Nothing: Book 1 of the Reina Del Cártel series is a Why Choose, Enemies to lovers, Dark Romance where the heroine doesn’t have to choose between the morally gray anti-heroes trying to claim her for themselves, while she fights for the crown she is owed. This book is dark in nature and not suited for readers under 18, trigger warnings may be needed.
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