Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice
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A cursed teapot turns a coffee shop-owning witch's life upside down. When coffee shop owner, Willow, receives a mysterious teapot from her best friend, her charmed life is turned upside down. Between the cursed warlock who thinks he's still in Ancient times, the cat who insists on coming through her window and making herself at home, and a new employee, Willow has her hands full. Can she unravel the mess she's found herself in? And can she do it without losing her heart? - Pumpkin Spice and All Things Nice is book one of the Cauldron Coffee Shop Series, a cozy urban fantasy featuring a coffee-shop-owning witch, an ancient warlock cursed to live in a teapot, and a cheeky cat. It includes an m/f romantic subplot. If you love cozy urban fantasy, coffee shop settings, low-stakes adventures, cat familiars, and a warm and fuzzy feeling vibe, start the Cauldron Coffee Shops series with Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice.
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