Protective (Legatum Book 1)

Protective (Legatum Book 1) by Lulu M Sylvian


When Morgan finds Honey, her scent awakens both his hunger and his need to protect her. She needs all the protection he can give. She’s been in hiding and is about to be found.

Honey had it all, a glamorous lifestyle, an elegant lover, and a plan of escape.

Morgan may not be Honey's type, but he could be the one the finally keep her safe.

Morgan is used to living in hiding, keeping his family’s secrets, watching over the people he loves. He will do whatever it takes to safeguard her, if only she doesn’t run when she learns his truth.

Honey’s ex brings an even bigger threat to Morgan’s family and way of life. Morgan must find out who controls the strings behind the threat, and ensure that Honey’s ex can never harm her again or expose Morgan’s secret to the world.

• • • • • •

The Legatum paranormal romance saga follows a modern family of wolf shifters used to staying in the shadows. Protective, Legatum book one, introduces a world where shifter mythology and genetic science collide. Science has caught up with their myth, and DNA testing threatens their secrecy. They must build a network of alliances to keep their secrets safe from discovery and protect their own.

Fated mates, family rivals, and an age-old war between vampires and wolf shifters all come together in Protective.


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