Professor Daddy
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Professor Daddy by Nora Phoenix

Hagen didn't want to be Baxter's Dom. He wanted to be his Daddy. College professor Hagen St. Croix is done with his life as a Dom ever since two previous boys left him. When his former club organizes an event, he wants to go...but not alone. He finds a date-for-hire, but he's shocked when it turns out to be his sexy student Baxter Lafelle, and even more surprised by the feelings Baxter evokes in him. When tragedy strikes for Baxter, Hagen realizes that he doesn't want to be his Dom. He wants to be his Daddy... But will Baxter let him? And what happens when their contract is up? Professor Daddy is a full-sized (73k words), sexy and sweet MM romance with daddy kink, an age gap, and a very happily ever after. This title was previously published as Kissing the Teacher. The content is unchanged.
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