Pregnant With The Bad Boy (The Big Bad Braddock Brothers)
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I’ve been known to keep my life simple. 

When I say simple, I mean devoid of a girlfriend. 

Don’t get me wrong… Women are wonderful. 

To me, they are like vacations – temporary fun

But what do I do when Amber unexpectedly rents a space in my heart?

One night was all it was supposed to be.

Her skin felt like silk. 

Don’t even get me started on her soft strands. 

She was like a dream in my arms. 

A dream that turned into a nightmare after I knew I wanted her again… and again. 

I don’t do this sort of a thing. I’m known to replace love with drugs. 

But that reality changed quickly when Amber gave me the news I never thought I’d get. 

Three life changing words – I am pregnant. 

Well, those words were followed by something like – I don’t want you in my life if you keep up with your shenanigans. 

My world has been shaken to the core. 

I could lose everything – My heart, my child, my family. 

But will Amber ever believe that I’m a changed man even if I turn my life upside down?

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