Predator’s Bait
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Predator’s Bait by Sophia Verity

“You’re perfect. I’ve always wanted a good girl.” Konstantin Vicious found me at my most vulnerable. Waiting for a savior to come in and solve my broken life filled with abuse and no escape from my cage. Tino took me for a fool. Because while I told him every one of my dirty little secrets, he kept his skeletons in the closet. He gave me a fairytale week with no promises after that, precisely what I wanted… But when he disappeared, he left me to pick up the pieces. And soon, I found out the truth. He was not the man he said he was. He was a predator, and I was his bait. Reader, do you like it toxic? This book is full of spice, steam, and darkness. TW: cheating. Predator’s Bait is the free prequel to the Vicious Bratva dark romance series. These books are not standalone.
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