Power Struggle
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Power Struggle by Bex Dawn

On the outside, I’m a strong, beautiful, ruthless woman who destroys the courtroom during the day, and men's hearts at night. But on the inside…I’m just as broken and messed up as everyone else. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my career or status to be weak. It’s vital that the image and walls I’ve spent my whole life erecting stay solidly in place. I know better than anyone that one slip-up, one fracture…and the whole thing will come crumbling down. So I’ve allowed myself to become the b!tch everyone else thinks I am. I dominate in and out of the courtroom. I keep steady control over every aspect of my life… Until him. Jackson Lowell. He’s more than just a partner at my law firm. He’s more than just a friend. He’s the first man to ever put me in my place and the first man I’ve ever allowed to get away with it. It terrified me. Our energy and chemistry were off the charts. Our attraction to each other was more than mutual. The sparks between us only grew and grew until there was nothing left to do but allow ourselves to ignite into a fiery passion or wither out and die. So, being the heartless maneater I am….I pushed him away and ran. I left the practice. I started over. I pretended like he never existed in the first place. But what happens when fate intervenes and drags us together in the most unexpected of places on a day meant for love and romance? Will the embers that once existed between us burn once more, or will I chicken out again and ruin things before they’ve even had a chance to begin? One night. One party. One Valentine’s Day. And then…it all ends. Or does it? Join Jack and Addy on a crazy, hot adventure where they fight for power, demanding each other’s submission over and over again…all night long. This novella is the fourth book in the Carnal Expectations series, leading into the fifth. Please see the full content warning on the author’s website. *Be aware that this contains adult scenes meant for 18 and over. It also contains depictions of an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.
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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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