Perilous Kiss
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Perilous Kiss by Tara Sue Me

Success. Wealth. Power. Franklin Benedict left his three sons a legacy and an empire, and the brothers are now at the helm of one the most powerful shipping corporations in the world. Though they were raised as southern gentlemen, they have no problem living up to the playboy label they’ve been given. Secrets. Lies. Betrayal. But their father left behind something else. Something he thought long buried in the dark corners and the ever churning tide of the Charleston low country. And that something has the potential to tear apart the brothers and the women they’ve come to love, if it doesn’t destroy them all first. Originally published as The Sons of Broad Series, all books have been rewritten and reedited. Each book tells the story of one brother. They can be read as standalones (with HEA) but the overall mystery won’t be solved until Book 3. Book One: PERILOUS KISS (Originally titled DARKEST NIGHT) Keaton and Tilly spent nearly every day together for years as children. Right up to the day Tilly’s father was accused of embezzling from Keaton’s dad. Now it’s eight years later. Tilly’s back in and reconnects with Keaton to determine what really happened between their families. Everything they uncover only raises more questions and as they try to tell the difference between truth and lies, there’s a deadly secret lurking in the shadows.
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