Penny and the Pilot
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Penny and the Pilot by Nancy Egan

Penny soars whenever she and Brad are together. Will it be lustily ever after, or a terrible crash landing? Homeless Penny has been living in an airport for weeks, ever since her dad abandoned her, and her mother shipped her off to school without a care for her 18-year-old daughter. Penny is just about giving up hope of being able to survive through the summer until college starts when a tall, dark, handsome pilot makes her an offer she can't refuse. At first, her new job just seems to be cooking and cleaning, but once she sees Brad naked, Penny can't think of anything she wants more than him, even if she is a shy virgin. Brad's had ten failed arrangements with submissives who said one thing, and did another. Add to that the fact that his last housekeeper was a scheming blackmailer means he doesn't exactly trust women any more. But the more Brad sees of Penny, the more he thinks that the one genuinely good deed he's tried to do for another person could mean the greatest gift for himself that he's ever had: an eager, curious lover willing to let him have the upper hand.... Will Penny and Brad be the perfect pair of lusty lovers, or will she walk away because she refuses to play his kinky games? Sensuality Rating This novel contains some language and steamy scenes sensitive readers might find offensive. It is intended for mature audiences. About the Author Nancy Egan is a new author of modern erotica. The Virgins and Doms series are short, quick, dirty reads with sexy older guys, and the innocent gals who fall under their spell. They are all standalone books, all consensual, with a Lustily Ever After guaranteed.
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