Partners in Crime
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Partners in Crime by Lavinia Roseknight


A completely stand-alone short story in the Magical Montreal world. A demon summoning gone wrong!

I simply realized that you are like the sun, shining so brightly it warms my heart. And every day I want to return that warmth to you, and that is love, isn’t it?

When my beloved brother goes on a dangerous job to spy on a Witch House with a less than stellar reputation, I’m left with no choice but to summon a demon to rescue him! Not only is that illegal, but the magic goes wrong and the demon possesses my cat - my familiar. Will he be able to help me in this inconvenient form?

House Deniau summons me every week to do their shady business. Murder, kidnapping, spying - it’s all so boring. I wish I could just behead all of those witches and warlocks! But the summoning circle binds me to do their bidding. One day I’m summoned by an inexperienced witch though. It’s so easy to break the binds. But what if she can give me the thing I really want in exchange for saving her brother?

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