Paranormal Unbound
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Paranormal Unbound by Shifters Unleashed

Set the shifter romance free, the readers said... So they did. Dragons, Bears, Wolves, Vampires, Witches, and more. Delve into the magical tales in this paranormal romance and urban fantasy collection for zero pennies. What more could you ask for? Snag your happily ever after today! ★★★ Authors Featured in Paranormal Unbound ★★★ Shifters Unleashed Gina Kincade Erzabet Bishop C.D. Gorri Rebecca Hefner P. Mattern Julie Morgan Julia Mills Ariel Dawn Lulu M Sylvian Tricia Schneider E.J. Powell Pepper McGraw McKayla Schutt Sassa Daniels Andra Dill J.A. Belfield

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