P.S. I Love You
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P.S. I Love You by Jo Noelle

A duke in need of a wife. A modern woman, thrown back in time. And a secret that could bring them together-- or rip them apart forever. Cora Rey wanted a fresh start, but being tossed into Victorian England wasn’t how she expected to do that. It isn't the pleasant social whirl Jane Austen books led her to believe. At twenty-seven she’s branded a spinster. Simon Tuttle never expected to become the duke of Hertfordshire, never wanted it, but now he is, and eligible women seeking a title consider him the next trophy to be taken in the marriage mart. But a shame-filled secret makes him guard his heart, and a union of convenience is the most he hoped for—until he met Cora. Hiding his secret from society has been easy. Hiding it from Cora may be impossible. He’s fallen hard for her, but can Cora love him-- and his 19th century ways-- once she learns the truth? Fans of Mariah Stone and Martha Keyes will love this swoony series. Click now to start the Twickenham Manor Time-Travel Romance series.
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