Out of the Blue
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Out of the Blue by Rachel Lacey

Love when you least expect it… Alicia Benton is not a people person, but beneath the prickly exterior, she’s hiding a tender heart. When she’s fired from her job for refusing to suck up to a difficult client, Alicia flees to her friend’s beach house so she can deal with the fallout alone. There’s just one problem. The beach house is already occupied…by the woman Alicia’s harbored a secret crush on for years. Clare Lavoie is sunshine personified. She’s borrowed her friend’s beach house for the weekend to check an item off her bucket list: to see an endangered sea turtle nest. When Alicia barges in on her vacation, Clare’s surprised but not disappointed. She’s glad for the unexpected company, even if it’s the last thing Alicia wants. What follows is a weekend of disastrous flirting, a magical moment on a moonlit beach, and perhaps even love…out of the blue. Out of the Blue was previously published as part of the 2022 Love on Location anthology.
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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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