Ortega Mafia – The Enforcer
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Ortega Mafia – The Enforcer by Stella Andrews

Love doesn’t come into it when you are fighting a war and sometimes the best weapons are the most unexpected. Flora I ran from two monsters into the arms of another. Domenico Ortega. Mafia Prince His dark good looks, brimming with masculine intensity, make my heart beat a little faster. The way he stares at me through those demonic eyes causes me to shiver, and it’s not out of fear. When he speaks, his voice is husky and laced with dangerous intent, and I crave every syllable. Then there’s his magnificent body that could crush a woman’s heart as well as a man’s soul, and I would gladly sacrifice my own to his. Then I discovered the people I ran from are on his wanted list and he locked me in his mansion as part of a twisted revenge. Fraud, dishonesty and theft aren’t the only things he wants from me. He also wants my soul. He’s not the only one. It turns out he’s not the villain in my story after all. There is something more sinister out there who hides behind sick rituals and blood-drenched altars. Will my dark Prince come for me or will my story end unhappily ever after? Buckle up for a dark, twisted ride of family secrets, lies, and revenge. Somewhere in the middle of the mayhem, a love story grows from a very hard beginning. Fans of Dark Mafia Romance will love Ortega Mafia.
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