Onyx Awakened: A Shifter Romance (Wolves of Chaos Valley)
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As Chaos strikes, so do the bad guys.
When the alpha’s daughter finds her mate, and realizes he’s not a wolf, it sends her father into a rage. A human is not a suitable mate, and the situation must be taken care of. Immediately.

Can Valkyrie find help for Oliver before her father does something terrible? Or will the Chaos cause her more problems than she’s prepared for?

Being part of the Onyxpaw Pack isn’t Nova’s first choice, but he’s accepted it. Deep down he knows he was destined for more than chopping wood and sharing a bed with his best friend and mate, Oren, but he’s stuck.

When Chaos strikes after nine long years, and the controlling alpha of a brother pack takes things a little too far, Nova and Oren realize they’re in for a dangerous surprise. Will this naïve girl and her bothersome human even be worth the fight? Or is this the opportunity Nova has been looking for?

Onyx Awakened is part of The Wolves of Chaos Valley series. This book is a full length, stand-alone novel. You do not have to read the other books in this series to enjoy this one, but I think you should do it anyway.

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