One More Chance: Dreamers Bay Series
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When love slips through your fingers... do you stem the tide?

Marrying his childhood sweetheart was a dream come true. Then tragedy struck—more than once, and Max’s dreams shatter. Now, he's one half of a relationship, barely going through the motions.

Dependent on her work to keep her mind occupied, Abby’s greatest fear is that she is no longer the wife Max deserves. He’s been there for her every step of the way through their horrific journey—until she pushed him away.

The fog finally lifts and Abby’s searching for a way to get back what they had. But what if she gambles everything and fails again?

Is losing what little they have left worth the risk?

5* "I laughed and I cried, but overall I loved this story and can hardly wait to read the next in this series." ~ Kimwrtr

5* “A truly wonderful story from beginning to end. A great start to the Dreamers Bay Series and a story anyone would enjoy.” ~ AJK

Dreamers Bay Series
One More Chance
One More Kiss
One More Dance
One More Step

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